Everest Snow Plow

Everest Hydraulic Snow Plow

88 x 22" Blade

Item Number EVST9022
Assembled Weight 380 lbs

Everest Hydraulic
Snow Plow

DK2 is proud to bring you the ultimate snow plow solution in our line up - the DK2 Everest.

This prosumer, fully hydraulic snow plow kit provides you the opportunity to clear your parking lot, driveway, or laneway whenever required.

With our fully hydraulic system you can raise, lower, and angle the snow plow blade from inside your vehicle using our wired hand held remote.

The plow itself simply clips to a DK2 custom fitted vehicle mounting system and can pretty much mount to anything that’s fit to push snow.

For extreme durability against the elements and rust, DK2 combines an industrial powder-coated paint finish on the blade with hot dipped galvanized hardware components to keep your plow looking new for years.

Everest Snow Plow In Action
Hydraulic Lift

Hydraulic Lift

Wireled Remote Control

Wired Control


Ships in single carton

Everest Hydraulic Snow Plow Features

  • Ships assembled, eliminating missing parts (mount & wiring required).
  • Simple bolt on custom fitted mounting brackets, no drilling or welding required (sold separately).
  • Hydraulic system lifts and lowers blade (a more reliable repetitive-use mechanism than a winch).
  • Light weight, no need to alter stock suspension.
  • Black UV powder coated components with an industrial painted blade skin.
  • Self leveling foot provides max blade tip clearance when the blade is fully raised.
  • Skid shoes to assist guiding the blade edge over uneven terrain or from possibly marking those more delicate driveways.
  • Snow Deflector to assist directing snow forward and also minimizing windshield spray, which increases visibility.
  • Blade markers to point out blade tips.
  • Hydraulic positioning.
  • Operates with the use of a wired hand held control.
  • Reliable industrial hydraulic lift systems.
  • Blade hardware holds the hydraulic pump so it can get rolled away from the vehicle rather than being left on the truck with the mount.
  • Thicker trip springs to ensure tension remains strong and coils tight for optimal performance when encountering obstacles.
  • Existing holes in plow frame make it easy to add bolt-on accessories.
  • Bolt on accessories and upgrades available.
  • All backed by a one-year manufacturers warranty.


Each snow plow ships in a single carton complete with hardened steel cutting edge scraper, rubber snow deflector, polymer-wrapped wire rope plow markers, skid shoes, castor kit for easy storage, and the hydraulic lift.


88 x 22" Blade
Item Number EVST9022
Assembled Weight 380 lbs
Gross Weight 425 lbs
Box Dimensions 90 x 22 x 44"
UPC 826518005579

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Everest Snow Plow in Situ
Everest Snow Plow Front Picture
Everest Snow Plow Front Picture
Everest Snow Plow Front Picture

Everest Snow Plow Side View

  1. Hydraulic Pack.
  2. Hydraulic piston lever allows blade to lift up or down.
  3. Trip Springs to shock absorb uneven surfaces.
  4. Plow markers for better blade visibility.
  5. Rubber Deflector.
  6. All steel adjustable skid shoes let you control the height of the scrape.
  7. Flip down castors allow easy plow attachment, removal, and roll away storage.
  8. Hydraulic piston lever allows blade to angle left or right.
  9. Custom Mount.
Side view of Everest Snow Plow
Moose Style Lighting Bracket

Lighting and Accessories

There is a range of lighting kits and spare parts available for your snow plow.

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