Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I convert an older generation snow plow kit to a custom frame?

    Converting any Generation 1 (grey) DK2 snow plow kit over to a custom mounting system is as easy as changing out the winch tower and T-frame (NO 17) for a mainframe and a custom mounting brackets.

    The benefits of switching over to a custom mount is adding strength to your snow plow by shortening the frame by nearly 14 inches. We are happy to chat with customers further about changing their generation 1 plow over to a custom mount plow.

    List of items needed:

    • HANDLE*

    *The existing handle can be cut down by the competent DIY'er to work with the new frame components.

  • What can I do to maintain my DK2 snow plow?

    It is important to check all nuts and bolts and ensure they are tight before you plow. You can put dielectric grease on the grey quick connection to avoid electrical issues.

  • My winch pin is bent how do I fix it?

    If you winch pin is bent it means you had the strap going over top of the pin the wrong way. You can call DK2 at 1-888-277-6960 to order a new one.

  • What is the difference between LB and LB2?

    LB is the light kit for our first generation snow plows (the grey blades) and LB2 is the light kit for our second generation snow plows (the black blades).

  • My scraper blade pieces don’t line up?

    This is a very common mistake customers make during assembly. The middle section of the scraper blade is the longest piece and the two short ones go on the ends. If they aren’t lining up try flipping the scraper blade over.

  • How do I use the 35 amp circuit breaker?

    The 35 AMP circuit breaker is necessary to prevent possible electrical damage to either the winch or the vehicle’s electrical system. You connect it to the red wire going from the control box to the battery.

  • Will the plow damage my truck?

    Our snow plows are designed to minimize the wear and tear on your vehicle. The fact that you can remove your snow plow whenever you aren’t plowing dramatically cuts down on the stress a plow can have on your vehicle frame.

  • What’s the difference between a T-frame mount and a Custom Mount?

    The T-frame style snow plows (Avalanche Series) mount on to any vehicle with a standard 2” class III front mount receiver. The custom mount snow plows (Summit II, Rampage II, Storm II) use a set of vehicle specific mounting brackets joined by a cross member which connects the plow frame to the frame of your vehicle.

  • My mount isn’t lining up?

    First thing you should do is double check you have the proper custom mount for your vehicle. You can check our mount guide under the custom mount section of our website. It is also important to loosely install both left and right mounting brackets first. Then loosely install the cross member between the left and right bracket. Go back and tighten left and right bracket then finally the cross member should be tightened into place.

  • Can I drive on the streets with my snow plow attached to my vehicle?

    Yes you can drive on the streets with the snow plow attached to your vehicle. It is always important make sure the safety clips or the hitch pin are secured and your plow is safely mounted to your vehicle. Use the safety chain while you aren’t plowing to take stress off your winch strap.

  • How high should I set my skid shoes?

    The operator of the plow can decide how high to set the skid shoes. We recommend setting them about 1/4 of an inch below the scraper blade. The skid shoes will help protect the surface you are plowing and also prevent wear on your scraper blade.

  • Can I drive on the highway with my plow?

    Yes you can drive on the highway with your plow but we do not recommend driving far distances with the plow on the front of your vehicle. If you are driving with the blade on make sure to angle the blade to the left or right.

  • My winch won’t work and I hear a clicking sound?

    If you hear a clicking there is a good chance your winch relay (black control box) isn’t working. You can check that your winch is fine by hooking up a power source directly to the winch and by pass the control box. If the winch works fine you need a new WCB (winch control box).

  • My winch only goes up or down?

    If your winch isn’t working properly the first thing to check is the connections in the grey or blue quick connect piece. If there is any corrosion in here it can affect the operation of the winch.

  • My wireless remote isn’t working?

    The first thing to check is the battery in your wireless remote. If you have replaced the battery and the wireless still isn’t working try plugging your wired remote into the control box and make sure it isn’t a winch problem and is in fact your wireless.








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